I guess that where you feel the vintage area ends and the retro area begins depends on how old you are. I've seen images from the late 80s called retro and images from the late 60s called vintage. For me the vintage area ends around 1940 and the retro somewhere in the mid 70s so on this site that is the definition.

The retro tributes are showing single model galleries. Biographies will also be presented where I have been able to find any.

Lingerie and nylons have always been a great part of the erotic power in the retro images. They don't make these garments like they used to anymore. Unfortunately.

Long series of retro babes are hard to come by, so I have decided to call anything from four images and upwards a series.

Colour images from a time when these were something special and scarse on the ground. The colour a little larger than life here and there as they often were.

Images from a time when boobs were boobs and not something constructed by plastic surgeons. For those of us who had our first glimpses of naked womanhood in the early 60s this is pure heaven.

They don't make bums like they used to, do they. Before Twiggy and the rest of the anorectic brigade entered the scene, the idols were different, and women looked like women.

The retro area was before women started taking their bush to the barber. Again a heaven for those of us born in the early 50s.

And if a razor came into action in those days, it did a proper job of it. For some strange reason a hairless woman was regarded as more acceptable to the sensorship minded politicians, so many publications preferred to feature their models bold below

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