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'Hey, buddy, you feeling ok?"
I looked up to see Coach Phil, peering back down at me with a concerned look in his friendly face.
"Yeah, no prob, Uncle Phil- I'm just burned out from practice."
Coach Phil, my football coach, was also my uncle, both he and Dad being career PE guys, Dad being a basketball, track and lacrosse guy and Uncle Phil being football, wrestling, and tennis.
"Well, that's my job." and he slapped me across my sweat soaked grey shirted shoulders.
I'd learned not to respond, much less bitch, when Unc and Dad tried to tell how much harder they could work me. But they seemed determined to pour all the jock techniques that they had ever learned into me. Lucky me.
But I'm not complaining- I'd never be as tall as Dad or Unc but my weightlifting and careful diet had molded me into a brick shithouse.
As a fullback, I had been All-Conference for 3 years and All-State last year. And I didn't mind pushing myself as hard as I could.
Sweating and exertion helped to take my mind, and my body, off all the weird dreams I'd been having lately.
I got up, stretching my 6'2'' frame, and ran my hand through my butch cut blonde hairs. I'd only gotten off enough of my gear that I was in my jock and my scrub shirt. We were always the last ones out, sometimes an hour or two after the rest of the team had gone, anjd Im knew taht there was no hurry.

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